What’s Right For You? The Differences Between Public and Private Home Care

Laura is a vibrant 86-year-old mother, grandmother and friend. She lives independently in her apartment and keeps busy with a variety of hobbies, from gardening to playing cards with her daughter, to watching her favourite show every afternoon. After her operation last year, Laura now needs some professional home care services to provide help with shopping and meal preparation, and to assist her with some personal care tasks.

Health Care Services In Your Own Home

Home care services can be an ideal option for supporting seniors in independent living. Home care workers visit your home to provide health services, such as nursing care, and support services like meal preparation, shopping, cleaning and socialization.

Exploring Your Options: Public and Private Home Care Services

In Saskatchewan, there is a wide array of home care options available to meet your particular needs and preferences. Families can choose from public home care services (where the cost is based on an income analysis) private home care services, or a combination of the two.

A Customized Combination

When weighing public and private home care options, it doesn’t have to be a one-or-the-other choice. You could choose to have public home care, which will provide you with the basics in health and support services, and then supplement this care with a customized package of services from a private home care agency. Whether you’re looking for a few hours a week of personal care and cleaning services, to a more intensive level of nursing services, there are a variety of flexible options to match your particular needs and budget.

Private Home Care’s Unique Benefits

Some families might dismiss private home care services because they believe the cost will be exorbitant, but they are pleasantly surprised to find that private home care offers an adaptable and affordable range of services, many of which are tax deductible.

Private home care services are able to offer variations and options that go beyond the basic care services that public home care provides. The unique benefits that private home care services offer include:

  • Services That Fit Your Schedule: With public home care, there is no guarantee that visits can be scheduled for a preferred day or time, especially because most people tend to request visits around the same time of day. Private home care offers greater control over the timing of each visit, and can work with your schedule to make sure that visits happen at a time that best fits the flow of activity in your life.
  • Continuity of Staff Brings Greater Comfort: Private home care is able to have the same person visit an individual’s home each time. This allows you to develop a better connection with the care worker, as your comfort and their efficiency increases with each visit.
  • Customized Visits to Meet Your Needs: Public home care will only be approved for certain tasks on each visit; for example, one visit may be for bathing services only. With private home care, workers are able to carry out a variety of services during one visit; that means each visit can include a variety of health and personal support services to meet your particular needs that day.

The Comfort of Home

By exploring public and private home care services (or a combination of the two), you can find the option that’s right for you – support that fits your needs and preferences, in the comfort of your own home.

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